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My name is Kate and I am a professional Ukrainian photographer. I have been doing photography since 2015 and I know exactly how to make sure you will have only pleasant impressions of photography, whether it is the first or hundreds photo shoot in your life!


My main goal is to capture your bright moments and emotions and leave them in your memory forever, moreover, with the best quality. I love bringing to life the most interesting ideas together with clients and do the best in each shoot. Also, I am a very easy going photographer so we can discuss with you different conditions, depending on your wishes!


If you have never had any experience in posing, I will certainly help you and suggest all the details to make you feel comfortable and confident.

Always open to cooperation!

For details, text or call (720) 742-9199.

Photographer Kate Ruzhytska


How can I book a session?

To book a session with me please text me on 720-742-9199 or email me on Shortly explain what would you like to arrange, when and where. Let me know if you have any special preferences or unique ideas. I am always down to something creative! When we are all set with the details I will provide you with the deposit information. 

How does the deposit work and is it refundable?

I would need a deposit from you to make sure we are all ready for the session. It is your proof that I will be right on time with my services for you and my proof that you will not cancel our booking the last moment. The deposit is usually 15% of the session fee and is fully refundable 7 days prior the session. Make sure you let me know about any changes before that.

P.S. If the session is planned outside but the weather is not letting us shoot we will rebook your session will no additional charges.

Can we arrange a session outside Denver?

Yes, we sure can! If you are planning an event or a special day in the mountains or on a lake we can discuss my commute on your location. The price will vary depending on a mileage and time. 

How will I receive my pictures?

After processing the pictures I will send you a link to a private Google Drive where you can take a look on and download your digital images. Please download all the images as soon as possible as I am cleaning my drive every once in a while. I am not saving all my clients pictures forever so make sure you have them on your device.

Will I receive all the RAW pictures?

No. Every photographer has their own performing style and my idea of photo session does not include client receiving RAW pictures. Arranging a photography session with me you are getting not only fun experience but also a good amount of edited pictures for an hour of work which would be surely enough to fully enjoy your session.

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